2018 Artisans on the Green – Artists and Craftspeople

Pat Anderson Oil Painting
Michael Bannon Nature Photography
Christine Bensley Oil Painting
Penny Burke Original Oils & Prints
Patricia Carega Collection of Fine Art
Rhetta Colon Watercolors
Bill Crone/Robin Dustin Turned Wood
Dick Devens Watercolors of Architectural Drawings
Sharon Dunigan Stoneware Pottery
Patricia Durgin Quilting, Punchneedle, Pillows, Penny Rugging, country Primitive
Christa Faller Watercolor and Acrylics
Marian Federspiel Digital Painting
Jeannette Fournier Watercolors
Jeanette Fournier creates realistic watercolor paintings of wildlife and nature with a unique style not commonly found in watercolor.  Her attention to detail in her graphite drawings are also equally distinctive and draw viewers in for a closer look at her art.
Irene Guddo Watercolors
Lynn Haust Fused and Flame-worked Glass
A collection of glass necklaces, glass wall art and a variety of glass items will be on display.  Lynn will also be demonstrating flameworking, the art of handmade beads on an oxygen and propane torch.
Zee Hayford Sterling Silver Jewelry
Diane Cook Johnson Needle Felting
Patsy Frasier Needle Felting
Annie LeBrecque & Mike Young Fiber and Wood
Ann Lambert Fused Glass
Liz Lapham Nantucket Landscape Baskets are created in the traditional style, woven on a mold with a wooden base but with the non-traditional additions of a woven tapestry landscape of waxed linen, incorporating seagrass, birch and other materials in the body and rims. Liz often sketches or takes a photograph of a scene and then creates it in the basket or experiments with combinations of color.  Birch Bark Baskets/Containers:  Indian legends tell us that Klouskap, “great teacher and giver of life”, commanded the white birch tree to take care of his people. Birch bark was the source of survival, providing warmth, shelter, and storage. The dazzling whiteness of birch standing out in the green wilderness of New Hampshire signaled that it was a gift and was revered as such. As a basket maker using birch, Liz harvests bark from fallen trees, taking from nature only what is needed without destroying the environment.
Rick Libbey Wildlife Photography
Jennifer & Deborah Libby Traditional Cold Process Soaps & Pottery
Barbara McClintock Oil Painting, Watercolors, Pencil Drawings
Judy Palfrey Watercolors –  Judy greatly enjoys painting the beauty of nature in her backyard and across the country. She has enjoyed painting with watercolor paints for the past 30 years.
Phil & Muff Parsons Stones – Cut and Rough
Fred Robinson Wood Sculpture
Thomas & Lucille Sirianni Tom Sirianni: Original stained glass creations showcasing an eclectic array of items from abstract, antique, classic and art deco designs.  Forty years of experience in this venue.
Lucille C. Sirianni: Artist showcases original jewelry designs portraying weaving, wire wrapping, and leather knotting techniques.  Colorful palettes are created by using pearls, crystals, and unique beads.
Mimi Wiggin Oil Paintings & Prints on Marble
Cindy Libby Soy Candles and Glass Art