One Day Arts & Crafts Fair
Outdoors – Rain or Shine

August 8, 2024

League of NH Craftsmen
Center Sandwich Fine Craft Gallery
32 Main Street
Center Sandwich, NH 03227


Artisans on the Green has been an annual event during Sandwich Old Home Week for many years. The art fair is sponsored by the Center Sandwich Fine Craft Gallery and is intended to showcase the many artistic talents around the Sandwich area.  Artisans will gladly discuss and/or demonstrate their artistic process as well as providing their work for sale.

The fair is located on the town green in Center Sandwich, NH right in front of the Sandwich Home Industries.

Free parking is available near the event site.

Temporary toilets are available including an ADA compliant port-a-potty.

The Women’s Club of Sandwich has a wonderful lunch available with the proceeds supporting their scholarship program.


The Artisans on the Green art and craft festival that takes place each August, (the August that occurs during the town’s old home week), is the current iteration of a decades-old tradition of art shows put on first by the Sandwich Home Industries (also known as the Center Sandwich Fine Craft Gallery – League of NH Craftsmen).  For close to 40 years the gallery has conducted art shows which in the beginning were small affairs with local painters and photographers, including a once very popular children’s art show, (where every entry got a blue ribbon!).

In 2008, a combination of a huge rainstorm and a once-in-a-generation recession crippled the show, (12 volunteers helped, and 10 artists attended!).  That winter Board members Robin Dustin and John Harris suggested craft artists be invited and preparations began for a “new” and “improved” event. The Board spread the word and by early summer the gallery had received sufficient requests from artists and the Quimby Trustees were approached for permission to hold the event on the town green.  The name, “Artisans on the Green” was chosen and since 2009 the event has been held with larger and larger numbers of participating artisans and event attendees.

To further the educational mission of the Center Sandwich Fine Craft Gallery, the event was transformed into an educational event.  Artisans were requested and directed to provide significant levels of instruction, demonstrations and discussions of career and creative development.

Since then, virtually all manner of art medium has been represented on the green by approximately 30 artisans each year; AOG provided a craft tent with demos, and the League of NH Craftsmen gallery is open as well.