Applications for artisans will be accepted starting in March 2024.
In the meantime, please see our line up from past years.

Rachel Bartlett – pottery
Christy Bensley – painting
Penny Burke – oil painting
Diane Chencharik – watercolor, gouache, acrylic
Rhetta Colon – watercolors, drawings
Linda Danielovich – handmade hats
Dick Devens – Architectural Watercolors
Sharon Dunigan – Stoneware pottery
Patricia Durgin – quilted items; punch needle
Vicky Dworkin – fabric collage landscapes
Ashley Farnum – Slippery Bricks handcrafted soaps
Marian Federspiel – digital painting
Marcy Greene – canvas bags
John Harris – bird carvings
Kim Heath – x-ray photos, jewelry
Diane Johnson & Patsy Frasier – felting
Annie LaBrecque & Mike Young – fiber and wood
Ann Lambert – fused glass
Barbara McClintock – Oil, watercolor, pencil drawings
Peggy Merritt – hand-pulled prints
Blair Newcomb – oil paintings
Kathy Noordsij – Silver Jewelry
Joel Peterson – wood toys
Lynn Poire – crochet
Jacqueline Simon – poetry books
Thomas and Lucille Sirianni – stained glass, jewelry
Ralph Watson – paper jewelry
Suzanne Weil – pottery
Wendy Wilson –  oil paintings


Suzanne Weil Pottery


Rachel Bartlett Pottery


Sharon Dunigan, Hog Hill Pottery


Kathy Noordsij Jewelry