AOG Artisans

Artisans on the Green
Featured Artists and Craftspeople

applications for artisans will be accepted starting in March 2023.
In the mean time, please see our line up for last year.
Rachel Bartlett – pottery
Christy Bensley – painting
Penny Burke – oil painting
Diane Chencharik – watercolor, gouache, acrylic
Rhetta Colon – watercolors, drawings
Linda Danielovich – handmade hats
Dick Devens – Architectural Watercolors
Sharon Dunigan – Stoneware pottery
Patricia Durgin – quilted items; punch needle
Vicky Dworkin – fabric collage landscapes
Ashley Farnum – Slippery Bricks handcrafted soaps
Marian Federspiel – digital painting
Marcy Greene – canvas bags
John Harris – bird carvings
Kim Heath – x-ray photos, jewelry
Diane Johnson & Patsy Frasier – felting
Annie LaBrecque & Mike Young – fiber and wood
Ann Lambert – fused glass
Barbara McClintock – Oil, watercolor, pencil drawings
Peggy Merritt – hand-pulled prints
Blair Newcomb – oil paintings
Kathy Noordsij – Silver Jewelry
Joel Peterson – wood toys
Lynn Poire – crochet
Jacqueline Simon – poetry books
Thomas and Lucille Sirianni – stained glass, jewelry
Ralph Watson – paper jewelry
Suzanne Weil – pottery
Wendy Wilson –  oil paintings


Suzanne Weil Pottery


Rachel Bartlett Pottery


Sharon Dunigan, Hog Hill Pottery


Kathy Noordsij Jewelry