Fiber Arts Classes

Summer & Fall 2022

Introduction to Spinning
Instructor: Cathy Crooker
Saturday, July 23:  9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Tuition:  $60 – Materials Fee: $15 
Experience:   Beginner
Suggested reading, research:  The Intentional Spinner by Judith MacKenzie
Age Range:  15 to Adult

Enter the world of hand spinning and explore the joys of making your own yarn in this engaging, fast-paced class.  You will try your hand at both wheel and drop-spindle spinning, get an overview of fiber prep tools, such as the drum carder, and have plenty of hands-on practice and coaching to launch your spinning journey.  By the end of the day you will go home with your first handspun yarn and be on your way to years of spinning enjoyment.

You will learn how to set up and manage your wheel, learn the basics of spinning on a drop spindle, discuss how to pick the right fiber, how to prepare, blend, draft, spin and ply, all resulting in your first custom yarn! 

Students should bring:  Brown bag lunch and beverages, or money to buy lunch at local cafe.
Students can bring:
1. Spinning Wheel and Drop Spindle:  Not required, but if you have one you are welcome to bring either a spinning wheel or drop spindle IN GOOD WORKING ORDER.  Loaner wheels and loaner spindles will be provided as needed.  Please indicate in the "skill level" box on registration form whether or not you will be bringing your own.
2. Spinning Fiber:  Not required, but you are welcome to bring any spinning fiber you are curious to try.  Fiber for class will be provided by the instructor.  

Cathy Crooker is a  full-time fundraising consultant who relies on her fiber arts to keep her in balance.  From the time she picked up her first knitting needles as an exchange student in Denmark over 30 years ago she was hooked.  Today, Cathy processes, dyes and spins & spins & spins both raw and commercially prepared fibers at her home in Center Sandwich.  She can be found surrounded by baskets of handspun yarn waiting for her to knit or weave into hats, scarves, pillows and more.

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Tapestry Needle Felt 
Instructor:  Neysa Russo
Wednesday, October 12, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM 
Tuition: $75  Materials Fee:  $20    
Experience/Prerequisites:   Beginner
Age Range:  Adult

Needle felt is a simple needling technique that uses barbed needles to decorate a felt surface with design.  Whether you have some needle felting experience or not, you will find this class offers many fresh ideas for fun and interesting projects.  There will be an abundance of small project ideas that are perfect for people who just want to sample this technique and more complex projects for those who would like a challenge.  Along the way, you will build your needling skills, gain design experience and experiment with color.  Simple design shapes combine to create beautifully unique and personal folk-art tapestries.  While we needle, we talk about history, inspiration, composition, color choices, needle varieties, fiber and felting techniques.  You will also gain insight into the basic principles of wet felting in a way that is straightforward and accessible using readily available equipment.  Choose from a variety of stencils or create your own design.  Beginners welcome!

Provided by instructor

Neysa Russo works from her studio in Bradford, Vermont.  She combines the techniques of wet felting and needle felting to create museum quality tapestries of exquisite beauty and charm.  Fascinated by the rich history of design and inspired by ancient textiles from around the world, her expertise comes to life with creative design composition and dramatic use of color.  She is an author, markets her own line of kits, exhibits her work in galleries and teaches.  Her working studio is open to the public in Bradford, VT, where she sells felting supplies and holds classes.                                                  

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Fall Weaving Workshop - 5 Warps in 5 Days
Instructor:  Sara Goodman
Monday-Friday, October 17-21, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
Tuition: $400  Materials Fee:  $5 for handout + cost of yarn used   
Experience/Prerequisites:   Beginner - Intermediate
Age Range:  Adult

2022 marks our 7th annual weaving class.  Each year it gets better and better!  We hope you will come join the fun!  Sara's weaving intensive meets the needs of all weaving levels.  If you are a beginner, but have always wanted to learn to weave, this class is for you.  You will put on a new small warp every morning and weave it off in the afternoon.  By the end of 5 days you will really know how to set up a loom on your own.

If you have a loom, but haven't woven in years and need a refresher, this class is also for you.  If it's possible for you to transport your loom to the class, then you can learn on your own loom.  Every loom has its own quirky personality and the class will help you make the best use of the equipment you have.

If you are an experienced weaver and want to expand your knowledge to include some new weave structures or kinds of yarn, how to use a warping paddle, how to use a computer for creating pattern drafts, or how to read block drafts, then this class is also for you.  More advanced students can spend the 5 days working on one project, with the support of the instructor.

Because this is a small class, Sara will work with students individually at their level.  You may communicate with Sara prior to class so that you come to class ready to begin.  Students who have taken the class in the past are certainly welcome to return!

All necessary weaving equipment and yarn will be provided, though students are welcome to use their own yarn as well.  Students should bring the following:
1.  Best but not required:  a loom
2.  Optional:  Any yarn you have that you want to use
3.  Samples and/or photos of your weaving and other work

Sara Goodman is a textile artist with a studio in Center Harbor, NH.  She has been weaving, dyeing with natural dyes, and doing shibori for over 40 years.  Her work has been featured in many fiber arts publications and also in national and international exhibitions.  She has been a juried artist with the League of NH Craftsmen since 2006.  She is also the manager of the new Natural Dye Studio at Sanborn Mills Farm.                                                   

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